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Baton Rouge, LA, 70808
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We are a complete landscape service firm specializing in site-planning, installation, and year round maintenance. We are based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and service all surrounding areas. We provide our clients with exceptional service from concept to completion.  225.405.1816





Spring is right upon us! I wanted to give y’all a few tips to prepare you for your yard so you can have an incredible spring! Easy stuff, and we will keep it short. These are seven essential things you need to do RIGHT NOW to have a killer yard this spring.

  1. Cutback all your grasses and tropicals if you have not yet. Grasses should be cut into a small globe per the video, and tropicals down to wherever there is good live tissue. Because of the mild winter, you will not need to cut may of your mature tropicals like Banana plants down to 6” like normal, it may be more like 2-3’ feet or more. In general, if its brown, cut it off.

  2. Trim your groundcover- liriope and monkey grass get those ugly brown tips. Use a weedeater to trim these tips off. Its quick an easy and make a huge difference in curb appeal.

  3. Fertilize your beds. If you want to spend big bucks, go with OSMOCOTE. Its really good but rather pricey. You can also go with something like 18-6-12 for a good all purpose for your beds. You can get this at Ewing Irrigation on Cloverland or your local garden store like Cleggs.

  4. Fertilize your Lawn. Lawns need FOOD. Just like we do. First make sure you have taken care of your lawn weeds (or else you will just be growing really BIG WEEDS) and then put down a really good fertilizer. Look for something with a high first number (nitrogen) like 28-0-6 or 30-0-02 and put down 1 pound per 1000 sf. Do this near the middle/end of march. Careful to apply evenly so you don't stripe your lawn or burn it by going to heavy. Water in.

  5. Put down a pre-emergent in your lawn. It is so much easier to fight weeds with prevention than once they show up. We are nearing the end of the effective window for spring/summer lawn weed prevention but it will definitely still help stop crabgrass, buttonweed, and other weeds from showing up and killing your lawn as it heats up. A pre-emergent will NOT help you at all with your current weeds if you have them, but it will help stop ones from showing up in the future, if timed correctly. Ideal window for pre-em is Jan-Feb and Sept/Oct. March and November are shoulder seasons but better than nothing.

  6. Get down a thick layer of mulch. The best way to prevent weeds and have an attractive flowerbed is fresh thick mulch. We highly recommend a dark brown dyed hardwood mulch, but pine straw works well too. If you like straw but want it to last longer, try SOFTSCAPE. Its pricier, but holds color for 12-18 months vs straw which lasts 6 if you are lucky.

  7. Prepare a spot for annuals. Now is NOT the time to plant annuals. But start thinking about it. Start googling summer flowers. Start getting excited! Carve out a little spot in your beds that drains well, gets a good bit of sun (ideal but not required) and hopefully you have irrigation to keep it watered. Annual planting is best done in Oct/Nov for winter/spring color and April/May for summer color. I recommend this year carving out a nice area for annuals and thinking about what you want to do this year to add some real POP to your landscape. Its an inexpensive way to really step up curb appeal and your pride in your yard. We really like Caladiums, Angelonia, and cuban gold Duranta for annuals this year. Try layering for a cool look. Angelonia then caladiums, then Duranta in the front.


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