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We are a complete landscape service firm specializing in site-planning, installation, and year round maintenance. We are based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and service all surrounding areas. We provide our clients with exceptional service from concept to completion.  225.405.1816



When it comes to treating your lawn, its important to apply your pre-emergents in the fall while the ground temperatures are still low and again in late winter, when most of the grassy weeds are not actively germinating. Weed & Feed in the spring is far too late. Think of it like a military advancement that is occurring while you are asleep. You will wake up in the spring but the battle is already lost.  Once you see the weeds really show up in the spring, it can often be too late to get a good grip on them for the warmer months.  Fertilizer should be applied in late March/April and June, and again in August.  Slow release is the key.  Home depot and Lowes products are mostly diluted and filled with inert ingredients.  Try your local EWING branch, here in Baton Rouge, it is on Cloverland Ave, for better options for really taking care of your valuable yard.  Read THIS ARTICLE by LA Nursery for more tips.

Granular fertilizers are the easiest to apply as a homeowner. You want a high first number like 28-0-6 or 31-0-2. Avoid 13-13-13 and 8-8-8 right now. That first number is nitrogen. You lawn wants 1lb of nitrogen per 1000 SF per feeding. Feed it! But make sure you have taken care of the weed first or else you may be growing some HUGE weeds!

What do we use: we use a 100% organic liquid fertilizer called NEXT N-CHARGE 28. Its 28% nitrogen, and we use a liquid which allows us to also blanket your yard with other things it need right now like MSM (buttonweed herbicide) and Insecticide (during some of our apps). In doing this we can actually provide several apps for you at the same time, and we don’t even charge you for the others! Pretty cool eh?

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-Rob Treppendahl

Rob Treppendahl, Owner