Treppendahl Landscape

Professional Landscape Maintenance

We are a complete landscape service firm specializing in site-planning, installation, and year round maintenance. We are based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and service all surrounding areas. We provide our clients with exceptional service from concept to completion.  225.405.1816

Treppendahl Landscape is a full service landscape maintenance firm in Baton Rouge with 5 primary services:

  • Landscape lighting

  • Flowerbed cleanup

  • Lawn Fertilization/Weed control

  • Lawn Maintenance

  • Flowerbed bed maintenance

    We focus on just a few services so we can provide them extremely well. You deserve a beautiful healthy yard that you can be proud of, and we are here to help you get there, in the most convenient way possible. We know how hard it is to find reliable lawn care with someone you can trust.


We are very committed to providing excellent customer service. So much so that we have a guarantee that no one can rival.

“If we provide you with a service that you are not satisfied with, we will come back and fix it for FREE, and if you still are not happy with it, we will PAY ONE OF OUR COMPETITORS of your choosing to fix it.”

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